Washer Repairs San Francisco CA

Washer Repairs San Francisco CA

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San Francisco Appliance Repair Pros has over twenty years of washer repairs San Francisco CA and servicing experience in the San Francisco area. *No service call fee with paid repair. We service most brands of washing machines and have a reputation for some of the most experienced technicians in the industry. Our award-winning and factory trained repair technicians carry an extensive inventory of parts that make any repair quick and easy.

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Home owners can do a few chores to help with washer repairs San Francisco California beginning with:

  • Keep your washing machine set up and user manual in a secure place so they may be located when needed; a clear plastic envelope with a closeable flap taped to the back of the piece of equipment or inside a adjacent cabinet is a great option. When in doubt, read the problem determination instructions inside of the manual. The manual usually has the most frequent problems and their most common solutions identified.
  • Keep the washer as level as you can; there is normally adjustable legs in the frame of the cloths washing machine.
  • If your cloths washing machine is set up on bare concrete you should get some pressure treated or plastic wood that can be installed below the feet of your washer; this should help prevent the leveling legs and other metal areas of your washer from wearing out from the regular motion on the concrete floor.
  • Every month drain a couple of gallons of water from the hot water heater to eliminate deposits and accumulation of gunk that settles out.  Performing this regular maintenance every month will improve the performance of the water heater and extend the life of the hot water heater.
  • Regularly examine the water supply pipes going into the washer.  Replace the hoses if necessary.
  • Regularly check your wash water piping and drains so there are no clogs from the accumulation of lint.
  • On a regular basis inspect your circuit breaker or fuses at the main power box to make sure they are working as they should be; manufacturers do urge that homeowners toggle breakers open and closed now and then which helps clean the contacts in the circuit breakers.
  • If your washer is just not cleaning your laundry to your satisfaction check the manual for detailed instructions. A change of detergent might be able to make a substantial improvement. Also be watchful of your hot and cold water and do not run the washer when the water supplied to your residence appears rust colored.  Water that has a color or tint to it generally is temporary and comes from water mains getting cleaned or high concentrations of iron in your water.  Consider trying products that remove most iron staining in your laundry.

San Francisco area home owners should contact San Francisco Appliance Repair Pros to help with washer repairs San Francisco CA when:

  • Your washing machine is showing no signs of life, will not turn on even after an examination of the circuit breakers and ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) electrical outlet.
  • Your cloths washer is not working properly although you can detect a humming noise.
  • Your washing machine will not pump water out of the basket.
  • Your washer agitator or the drum wont rotate or wont hit a high enough speed to get the rinse water out.
  • Your front loading washing machine access wont unlock or leaks water.
  • The washer shimmys when running, even after redistributing the load.
  • There is an odor of burnt plastic coming out of your washing machine.
  • The washer has a puddle of water under it.
  • Your washing machine repeatedly trips the GFCI plug or circuit breaker.
  • Your cloths washing machine shocks anyone who touches it. If you or anyone else is shocked, you should stop using the washing machine, go to the main electrical panel and turn off power to the washing machine and then pull the plug.

We service washing machine brands including – Dacor, DCS, Frigidaire, General Electric (GE), Fisher Paykel , Hotpoint, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Magic Chef, Admiral, Amana, Asko, Bosch, Coldspot, Maytag, Miele, Modern Maid, Neptune, Norge, Samsung, Sub-Zero, Speed Queen, Tappan, Thermador, True, Westinghouse, Whirlpool, White Westinghouse, and many others.

Your solution Call us to fix your clothes washing machine:

If you spot any of the problems listed above, turn off electric power at the breaker, unplug and turn off the water to the washing machine in addition to taking out any laundry that is in the washer. You should not attempt to fix a cloths washing machine or any other electric appliance in your home unless you are a trained appliance repair professional. For washer repairs San Francisco CA call the professionals at San Francisco Appliance Repair Pros